Hi, I’m Elena, but everybody knows me as Helen 😛

I am a Senior UX / UI PRODUCT DESIGNER providing service for the health department and Catalonia (Spain) government at Fail Fast Studio and a former worker for brands such as Kubik Data, SEAT, Volkswagen Group & HP.

I am experienced in leading projects and teams in international agile environments with in-house and third-party development teams.

At the same time, I specialize in Product Design and I love solving problems. I’m excited by the process of determining user needs from research, creatively using tech to satisfy those needs, and thinking critically about the limitations and peculiarities to make sure that the solution scales.

My experience in design started in 2009 but since 2012 I have focused on web & digital design work. I have completed an intensive Bootcamp focused on UX/UI Design at Ironhack Barcelona thanks to a Wallapop sponsorship. I also hold a degree in Graphic Design (ESDAP), and Web Development (CTS). The blend of business, product development, user research, and design background gives me a unique perspective on the challenges you might face.

Aside from all this, I love to travel in my spare time, dig into music 24/7, snowboarding during winter and care deeply about equality and human rights.

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Ulric Pico

Como compañero de Helen puedo afirmar que es un buen activo para cualquier equipo.

Personalmente es una persona trabajadora, comprometida con los proyectos y que siempre aporta un punto de vista diferente. Además, es una persona muy crítica que, si considera que una cosa no es correcta, no tiene miedo a expresar todo aquello que piensa. De todos modos, esa criticidad no implica que sea una persona de ideas fijas, más bien al revés, es una persona que siempre está abierta al cambio y dispuesta a recibir feedback.

Laboralmente, tiene muy interiorizado que el producto debe tener como eje central el usuario (customer centric) por lo que desarrolla todas sus tareas para y con el usuario. Y cuando digo “con” es literalmente con usuarios (si es posible) porque si alguna vez has trabajado con ella te sonará la frase de “Esto debe testearse con usuarios” o bien “Hemos cambiado el copy de esa caja porque los usuarios…”. Si no has trabajado aún con ella, pues bien, prepárate porque será el pan de cada día.

Gloria Fernandez

I worked with Helen last year within the Digital Products & Services Department at VWGS. What really impressed me about Helen is how she always pushed the customer-centric culture within the company. Even during the most intense moments, Helen stood up for having the user as our main pillar to create new products, contributing the team with great insights for product innovation & ideation.

Igor Vasiliev

Elena is a great User Experience researcher and designer!! It was a pleasure getting to work with her at the Hackathon (a UX Design and coding collaboration project). Her design background was a key factor during the ideation phase of the project. She is reliable, a great team player, and most important super proactive!!! It was a pleasure getting to work with her and win the Hackathon!

Vanessa Verbeeck

Elena did a great job supporting the team while I was on maternity leave. After my return, we decided she had to stay and continued enjoying her professionalism and enthusiasm!


Do you have any doubts? Are you looking for collaboration? Or maybe you need a new member on your team? Don’t hesitate and contact me, I promise I won’t bite 🙂

You can give me a call, send a message or chat via whatsapp if it results more comfortable to you. I’ll try to answer as fast as I can.

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